MLC Club Rides...

  • All riders are welcome, but pick your skill level carefully. Start conservatively.
  • Never a fee, unless specifically announced
  • Skill levels are approximate
  • Helmets are mandatory
  • Rider leaders and organizers accept no personal liability for your welfare; ride at your own risk
  • Traffic laws are to be obeyed and courtesy to other users of the road
  • Weather permitting = temperature 28 degrees or higher and dry road surfaces 1 hour before start
Wednesdays at 5:30pm (May & Sept) 6:00pm (June) - A Ride:

This ride takes place from the parking lot on Route 30 East adjacent to Cycles BiKyle. The ride leaves promptly so be on time ready to go. Starting in May (also Sept) at 5:30pm, start times move to 6:00pm in June for the rest of the summer. Early season may incorporate drills and interval efforts. Later in the summer the ride is generally recovery pace with a few efforts. Varying terrain. Usually a 2 hour effort. Rider leaders and routes can be found here. Questions contact: Ron Livingston

Sundays at 10:00 AM - A Ride:

This ride originates from the lower parking lot of the visitors center in Valley Forge National Park. The ride will be a moderate pace on varying terrain usually 3.5 to 4 hours in length, so bring a few power bars or your favorite mid ride snack. Start time is 10:00am and the ride begins the first Sunday after daylight savings time ends. Weather permitting this ride will continue through until mid March when most Sundays are race days. Questions contact: Ron Livingston and enquire if the ride is happening on any given weekend.

Sundays at 9:00 AM - B Ride:

The ride meets at Cycles BiKyle. Ride leader Jay Kaplan (610-642-3128). Rides will continue throughout the Winter months starting at 9, weather permitting (specifically, if roads are dry one hour prior to ride start). Email Sam Grinspan for questions about this ride.

Impromptu Rides:

As an active cycling club our members are riding all the time, scheduling rides outside of the regularly posted rides, attending publicized tours and races throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Many of these activities are set up on the discussion page. The discussion page is members only so you will need to be a current member to access this forum. Feel free to email any of the riders on this page for information on membership benefits, impromptu rides, and events club members will be attending.

Other Rides (not affiliated with MLC) in the Area

Tuesdays at 6:00pm - A Ride:

This rides meets at the Victory Brewing parking lot, 420 Acorn Lane Downingtown PA. Rides start with the daylight savings time change until the time change in the fall. The ride has no formal leader and follows the same route through southern Chester county each night.

Thursdays at 6:00pm - Training Race:

30 miles of racing at the Great Valley Corporate Center. Racing starts at 6:15. The format for this race is a sprint every three laps. The average speed ranges from 24 to 27 mph . This racing begins the 1st week ending daylight savings.

Ride Type                 Average Speed (mph)                      Recommended Rider Ability 

A                             18 to 22+, with frequent 30+ sustained efforts          Racer/Very Strong 

B                             15 to 18, with occasional 20+ sustained efforts        Leisure to Strong 

C                                    + 13, no hard sustained efforts                               Leisure

Remember Always Wear a Helmet When Riding